The Company

ChaNGe originates from the desire of Casillo, European leading company in the purchase, transformation and marketing of wheat, to enhance the by-products of milling through an innovative upcycling process.

Why NextGenFood?

Our goal is to enhance the value of wheat milling by-products by providing the food and cosmetics industries with sustainable, highly-stable plant-based ingredients with significant functionality, organoleptic properties, and improved nutritional values.

Harnessing wheat’s full potential

25% of the kernel mass, bran and wheat germ, becomes a by-product as a result of the milling process due to the alteration of its fats.

Reduce food loss

It is estimated that every year 150 million tons of wheat milling by-products are produced, and they are mainly used as animal feed.

Unlock more food

Wheat germ and bran are known to have great nutritional properties in terms of dietary fiber and high-quality protein.

The team from which it all began

ChaNGe is an innovative, one-of-a-kind project born from the highest professional, entrepreneurial and scientific profiles.


Francesco Casillo

Strategy and Business Development Manager:

Graziano Stasi

R&D manager:

Marcello Miani

Plant Project Manager:

Mauro de Trizio

R&D Assistant:

Giulia Napoletano

R&D Assistant:

Gianfranco Amendolagine

ChaNGe Ingredients' products

We intersect a range of functionality, consistent supply, and sustainability to build tailored solutions and applications, depending on demand.

A scientific collaboration

Together with leading Italian and European universities, we work to understand every molecule of durum wheat milling by-products in order to make greater contributions to the food and cosmetics industries.